Sunday, January 9, 2011

Early January thoughts

A cold start to the new year and I am spending the time indoors working on some old images.  I find that this helps me to evaluate my progress as a photographer and in addition, it allows me to "rescue" some older images that I may not have had the skill to process properly.  I use a variety of tools from Picasa to Adobe Lightroom to tweak my original RAW files that have been converted to DNG files. The DNG or Digital Negative allow me to experiment and not lose my original data.

A few tweaks to the image here allows the light to stream through across a peaceful lake in early spring.

Then sometimes you can get inspired by the smallest things.  My friend has a garden orb in his backyard that looked interesting.  A closeup shot, a few tweaks through Lightroom and I think this is quite interesting although abstract photography is not one of my preferred types of shooting.

I like the play on the colors, the weathered look of the column and the shadowy figures in the reflection.

Finally another shot from my favorite little camera, my Sigma DP2s.  I cannot recommend this camera highly enough, it is the perfect companion to a large DSLR like my Nikon D90.  The FOVEON sensor captures images in an almost film like quality to the tone and texture of the scene.

This was an early morning shot from my office parking lot.  Handheld without much prep time.  I love my little Sigma camera.  I love the nuances to the reds and the blend with the stark foreground of winter.

Until next weekend.

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