Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Photo Shoot -- The Virgin Islands

Well the vacation moves along, slowly at least.  We spent the weekend trying some new things in the Virgin Islands.  On Saturday we took a fast ferry from St. Thomas to Tortola, BVI.  Lots of fun skimming the waves and the trip takes less than 50 minutes.  Get yourself a passport stamp and head into another country.

First stop is the iconic BVI store, Pusser's.  Pusser's outpost and bar, along with Pusser's rum are well known across the Caribbean.

Pusser's Outpost
Quaint bar and shop, filled with nautical themed items and memorabilia.  Looks like a fun place to just hang out.  Tshirts, nautical clothing, rum, mugs, shot glasses . . . really gets you in the island mood.

Pusser's Pub

Road Town was very small and many shops were closed.  We were hoping for more to see and do but the time for our return trip was at hand so we came back home to St. Thomas.  One day we will revisit here and look for more things to see and do.

On Sunday we visited another new beach, Lindquist beach.  Beautiful water that was emerald green even though the day was mixed clouds, a little rain and some sun.  The Magens Bay authority now owns this beach and hopefully one day it will be like Magens, with facilities, parking and chair rentals.
Until then, you rough it on the sand, which is well worth it.

Lindquist Beach
Hope you had a great weekend, thanks for reading and keep on shooting!

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