Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Photo Shoot 2/26 - 2/27

Another trip to the small stream near my home to test more of my new equipment.  This time I brought more than I needed and my shoulder feels it.  A backpack with 2 extra lenses and a tripod was good exercise.

I captured this using my new Nikon D700 and a new 16-35 Nikkor lens.  I coupled this with my Singh-Ray gold and blue polarizer to give the water and the rocks a shiny deep look on an average looking February afternoon.

River Rocks
The image takes on an almost 3d like quality and the lens is very sharp.  A great combo that will give me the wide close ups I want.  The Singh-Ray polarizer is a special purpose polarizer that does a better job in worse light.  Even though that sounds strange, it is true. I enjoy using filters, especially polarizers.  Many effects can be done in Photoshop or Lightroom but not a polarized effect.

So far my Nikon D700 has been outstanding but I am really getting anxious for Spring so that I can really test the full frame sensor on some real color.

Until next weekend, keep shooting

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend photo shoot 2/5 - 2/6

Saturday was cloudy and rainy.  This caused me to visit my favorite camera shop ePhotocraft, which happens to be local to me and is a great photography shop.  If you have been following my blog you know that I have been looking at the new Nikon D7000.  Since I already own a Nikon D90, the upgrade to a newer DX body with a few nice features was tempting but not very practical.  The other option has always been to move from DX to an FX body.  The full frame Nikon D700 was my other choice for an upgrade.  Full frame has its advantages and disadvantages but I felt for my types of photography the advantages were a positive for me.

Well perhaps it was fortune but I found a deal that I simply could not pass up (thank you ePhotocraft) and I now have in my hand my brand new Nikon D700

Nikon D700

In a word, WOW!  I have only had the body for one day of shooting but I am already very impressed.  Bright viewfinder, excellent control layout, weather sealed ... awesome!  I have a lot to learn at this point but matching this body to my Nikkor 24-70 lens has already gotten me shots like this

Wooded path

I also had the chance to test out my new gold and blue polarizer from Singh-Ray. Amazing what this little beauty of a filter can do.  Some may not like the look but for a quick test I am thrilled.

The effect changes based on the angle to the sunlight and the amount of twist on the filter.  As a polarizer it cuts the glare and enhances the colors.  It also changes the "tint" of the image to give some really dramatic effects.  Of course it also simply adds to the scene by simply being there as in this image

I can see that I have many days of learning ahead.  Perhaps my D90 will go up for sale along with my DX lenses but I am not going to rush as the DX crop factor does have some advantages.  I also like have a backup dslr body but I am going to be hard pressed to take both all the time and the D700 will be getting most of the work.

Until next weekend keep shooting, shopping or practicing something about photography!  I know that I will be waiting to get out and soon! button Promote Your Blog Follow on Buzz Blog ping service Dreamhost Promotional Codes

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