Sunday, May 1, 2011

Springtime in Washington, DC

What a fantastic end to April we had in Washington, DC.  What started out as a cool, overcast day, broke into magnificent sunshine with temperatures in the high 60's.  Just the perfect weather for taking pictures and strolling around downtown.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument was a great setting for the beautiful blue skies and the flags caught up in the breeze.  Lots of choices for interesting compositions, something that I still strive to work on with my photography.  As much as I try I sometimes still am not seeing what I should.  Then again, on occasion I do succeed.

John F. Kennedy grave site

The John F. Kennedy grave site is especially moving, set down the hill from the Lee Mansion on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.  I was fortunate to arrive between tour buses and was able to get a nicely framed shot with all the elements that I wanted in it.

Arlington graves
Finally as I rested I happened to notice the Washington Monument, where I had started my day, above the trees and felt this made a very nice shot.  All in all a very productive day photography wise.  My Nikon D700 continues to thrill me with the performance and capability.  I used my Nikkor 24-70 for a large part of the day, although my Nikkor 16-35 got me the shot of the Kennedy grave site.  Finally my Singh-Ray gold and blue polarizer continues to shine as my secret weapon for outdoor and landscape photography.

Hope the weather keeps us, I need more practice and more fun as I was so pleased to finally be out doing what I love.  Until next time, keep shooting! button Promote Your Blog Follow on Buzz Blog ping service Dreamhost Promotional Codes

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