Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend photo shoot 9/10 - 9/11

Well after 15" of rain this week in Virginia I thought it might be worth the morning to take a trip to Great Falls National Park.  Normally a nice park with a smooth waterfall to view, it was today a raging river, brown, muddy and loud.

Raging Great Falls

The day was typical early September, warm and humid and really to late in the morning to capture any golden light at dawn.  We made the best of it, checking the overlooks for angles and waiting for the light but the river kept roaring and was surprisingly boring for so much water.  I tried to capture some other scenes and the rocks and late summer foliage made a bright green backdrop to the muddy brown river.

I still have some images from last weekends shoot to process and I am still searching for some art deco themed buildings for my living room.

Until next time, keep shooting . . .

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend photo shoot 9/3 - 9/5

Well it is Labor Day weekend, trying to relax and catch up on some Lightroom processing and hopefully some new photography if the weather cooperates.  As much as most people chase new equipment, I have been sifting through some older images shot with a variety of photo gear.  To my surprise, I have been finding some things that were much better than I first thought.

Soft light
This image shot in Maine is from 2009.  It was shot with my Nikon D90 and a Tamron lens that I no longer own. I never thought I really captured the scene as I remember it, however, when I sat down and processed it, this is the result.  I can smell the air, feel the fading sun and remember looking over the water at this beautiful scene.

Labor Day was overcast but still not too bad.  I shot some interesting things in downtown DC, I am still going through many of the images but this is one that was a lot of fun.  Playing with shutter speed to try and get just the right amount of movement on the Smithsonian carousel.

Holiday fun
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