Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nikon AW100 Part II--down for the count.

Nikon AW100 part II.

This was the last picture I got before my second Nikon AW100 failed.  Disappointed in the performance, when this camera works it is great.  I have been reading and have discovered that Nikon makes silicon o-ring seal grease.  Why do they not include some with this camera?  Why do they not tell people to lubricate the seal?  Apparently this needs to be done to keep the seal from shrinking, cracking and just not doing its job.

I am not sure what I will do as most of the other cameras in this segment have the same door and seal arrangement.  I only need an underwater camera several weeks out of the year so this makes a dedicated underwater camera a poor choice.  I have three batteries, accessories, cables and a case for this camera.  Do I buy an AW120?

Not sure but I will not need an underwater camera for another year so I have time to research a new/better choice.

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