Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Well, any thoughts I had about going out this weekend got lost when I heard about single digit wind chills.  Not that I am afraid of the cold temps but the frigid air combined with the drab brown of the scenery and the overcast skies left me less than inspired.

I could take my camera indoors for something fun, like the National Air and Space Museum's annex in Chantilly VA.  The Udvar Hazy center is a great place to view aircraft of all sorts on a cold day but my favorite would be the space shuttle Enterprise.

USS Enterprise
The cold can be good for photos if there is something of interest.  I captured this shot several years ago and still remember that day when I saw these icicles formed on this dead wood.  A very interesting contrast indeed.  This was shot with my Nikon D90 which was but a few weeks old at the time.

Icicles by the lake
I am waiting for some snow, ice or other winter type weather that makes for good photo opportunities.  Until then I will stay inside where it is warm and work on some more old images that need some new life.

Until next weekend.

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