Friday, October 8, 2010

What kind of camera do you have?

Every photographer has been asked this question and it is one that brings a smile to my face.  As a serious amatuer photographer that is constantly trying to improve my skills, the question implies that there is something special about a particular kind of camera.  It is all about the exposure.

There may be differences in specs and from a marketing perspective but the reality is that the photographer composes and creates the image.  The camera simply records the light that makes up the image.  Much like a cook, author or seamstress, it is not the oven, the word processor or the sewing machine that makes the finished product.  It is the talent and skill of the person.

One of these two images is 4 years old and taken with a camera that was 5 years old.  The other image is 2 years old and was taken with a different, newer camera.

I'll let you ponder which is which and say thanks when you ask me what kind of camera I use.  I will update which cameras were used in a future post!

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  1. Sometimes, I think the "being there" rule applies to cameras. I may carry my pocket camera not expecting to take any particular serious shots. But occasionally I run across a great shot opportunity. I may wish I had my camera with a larger sensor but I often get a very good shot anyway. This also reminds me that there is a degree of luck (being there) involved as well. Before my kids started school, I took my family on one my business trips to the Florida panhandle. We had a hotel on the beach during off-season (no one on the beach). While I was working, my wife took one of the best shots ever - of our two kids holding hands skipping down the beach. I don't recall what camera she used - but she never used my SLR's/DSLR's. I don't think I could recreate that shot if I tried. My biggest problem with a lesser camera has to do with the ability to crop. That's where the smaller sensor bites me. Other than that, for me, the most important point is to have a camera (any camera) with me for those unplanned opportunities.

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