Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend photo shoot 10/16 - 10/17

With perfect weather looming and the leaves beginning to turn I will be going out to the Long Branch Hot Air Balloon, Wine and Music Festival this weekend.  I am looking forward to lots of colors both on the balloons and the leaves.

Long Branch Balloon festival

I will be shooting with my Nikon D90 and my new Nikkor 24-70 lens as well as my Sigma DP2s which should be wonderful on the colors. I will post up some images early next week.

Update:  Well the weather was perfect, the wine was great but beyond that it was a disappointing day for photography.  Although I did see some interesting locations for future shoots, the wind was too much for the balloons and the leaves have yet to turn.  In keeping with  the theme and the time of year, pumpkins were in abundance.

Fall pumpkins

Until next weekend!

For those following along on the What kind of camera do you have posting from last week, my old Nikon D70 took the Diamond Cay image.  My Nikon D90 took the Ogunquit Harbor image.  The point (which I learned earlier this year) is that it is the quality of the sensor, the quality of the lens and the skill of the photographer matter, NOT the number of megapixels that a camera has.  High quality images are possible with all kinds of cameras.

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